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N2 & O2 Membrane Units

Membrane Units for Air Separation Applications:

> N2 Purification (95% to 99.9%)

> O2 Enrichment

> O2 Removal

> Dehydration H2O Removal for Air Drying


Gulf Gases will work with you to understand your unique application requirements, then design, build & deliver the right membrane configuration in a system that�s correctly optimized for meeting your Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Drying applications, plus removal of any related trace compounds & impurities. 


Gulf Gases will select the right polymeric membrane and module for your application.  We build on the experience of thousands of installed units in hundreds of different application environments. 


Polymeric Membranes are unique gas separation polymers with engineered characteristics of permeability, selectivity and diffusion resistance.  The Polymeric Membranes used in these units have been designed to best fit Air, N2 and O2 related process needs.  After pre-treatment to remove coalescents and particluates, the separation of gas components in the feed air is performed by the individual permeation rate of each component through the membrane wall structure.  Production is continuous at constant flow, pressure and purity.

General Specifications for N2 Production:


Flow Rates
From 100 to 1,000,000 scfh N2
Feed Pressure
From 100 to 500 psig
Temperature Range
From -40 F to 130 F
Electric Power
220V or 480V, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Cooling Water
None required
Unit Weight
1,000 to 25,000 lbs per skid
N2 Product Purity
Up to 99.9%
Product Dew Point
-70 deg F
Control System
Remote Monitoring
Product Analyzer
Electronic Flowmeter
Electrical Classification
Standard is Non-Haz., Optional is Haz.
Fully Fabricated, Skid Built
Typical Delivery
4 to 6 months after order




Containerized Membrane Unit for N2 Generation (99.9%)


Membrane Design & Mechanism


  • Complete Turnkey Packages, including on-board Air Compression Units, if required,

  • Few moving parts, low maintenance,

  • Unmanned operation, remote monitoring & control option available,

  • Produces ultra-low cost Nitrogen,

  • Portability for quick relocation to other sites,

  • Containerized options for use on-board ships, off-shore rigs, trains, trucks and barges,

  • PLC automatic control adjustments to maintain output and purity setpoints,

  • Fully redundant designs & backup systems available for mission critical applications,

  • Micro-size units for small area N2 applications.


PrePacked Design Skids, Ready to Run


Project Financing Available.

Lease Units Available.

Contact Gulf Gases for more information.



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