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Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4.  It is the principal component of natural gas, typically more than 85% by volume. Burning methane in the presence of oxygen produces carbon dioxide, water and approximately 1,000 BTU's of energy per cubic foot.  The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive and widely used fuel.  Methane is also widely used as a chemical feedstock for the production of many basic compounds such as methanol, acetic acid and hydrogen.  Methane is not toxic, however, it is highly flammable and forms explosive mixtures with air. 


Gulf Gases Product Matrix for Methane & Natural Gas:

PSA Plants


<< Nearly the same as H2 units, Recover & Produce 90% to 99.9999% pure Methane streams onsite at very low cost in flow rates of 1,000scfh to 1,000,000scfh. 



Natural Gas Membrane Units


<< Wellhead or Midstream, remove CO2, H2O, O2 from Natural Gas onsite at ultra low cost in flow rates of 1,000scfh to over 1,000,000scfh. 



Natural Gas Compressors


<< Compress Methane or Natural Gas anywhere from 100 psig all the way up to 10,000psig safely onsite at low cost. Buy, Lease or Rent.



Cryogenic Gas Storage


<< Store 6,000 to 18,000 gallons of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) safely onsite at low cost. Buy, Rent or Lease-to-own options all available.



H2 Generation


<< Using Methane or Natural Gas feeds, generate 99% to 99.9999% pure H2 streams onsite at very low cost in flow rates of 1,000scfh to 500,000scfh. 



Gulf Gases


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