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HydroGEN Onsite Generator

Hydrogen Generation Plants for Syngas & H2 Applications:

> H2 Production

> H2 Purification

> Syngas (H2 & CO) Ratio Adjustments

> CO Separation & Purification



Gulf Gases will work with you and your team to configure the optimal onsite Hydrogen Generation Solution at the lowest possible cost available in the industry.  Our patented HydroGEN plants are industrial strength, proven work-horses that deliver reliable H2 generation, day-after-day.  With our team's experience of completing many dozens of H2 systems, you get the benefit of our understanding of unique application challenges.  We have the know-how to make onsite H2 systems work for you.  Plus, we can provide you with additional production options to further enhance your plant implementation and accelerate your investment capital payback.  Our experts will design, build & deliver the right H2 plant configuration in a package that�s been correctly optimized for producing H2 at the precise conditions you require.  Contact us today to get started with your H2 project.


HydroGEN Intro Video:


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Project Financing Available.

Lease or Contract Supply Options.

Contact Gulf Gases for more information.


Options Available:


  • steam export

  • syngas export

  • syngas ratio adjustments

  • high pressure H2

  • CO production

  • CO purification

  • CO2 capture

  • H2 fill stations

  • syngas import






DAPSA H2 Generation Units

Ideal for Small to Mid-Scale H2 Applications

(Ammonia Dissociator H2 Generation Systems)

Cost Effective Onsite Generation at 99.999% H2 Purity

Unit Sizes from 1,000 scfh up to 10,000 scfh



Get the DAPSA Spec Sheet here to learn more.



Gulf Gases, Inc.

HydroGEN Onsite Generator




HydroGEN Onsite Generator

HydroGEN 15k (15,000 scfh, 400Nm3h)

Modularized HydroGEN units can be installed and started within one week of delivery.  The units are shipped from our factory on fully-fabricated skids, ready to be put into service. 


HydroGEN units cost competitively cover the H2 requirements range from 3,750 scfh (100 Nm3h) up to 15,000 scfh (400 Nm3h).  Units can be turned down to 50% of nameplate without an operating cost penalty.  Up to eight (8) of the 15k modules can cost effectively be installed to produce 120,000 scfh ( 3,200 Nm3h) in ultra-high reliability mode.  When multiple HydroGEN units are installed side-by-side, the on-stream reliability factor approaches 100%.  Gulf Gases offers a wide range of self-generated backup H2 storage options to keep enough H2 on-hand for any planned or unplanned outages. 


 HydroGEN H2 Plant Specifications:

 (Natural Gas SMR H2 Generation Systems)



3.75k 7.5k 15k
Flow (scfh) 3,750 7,500 15,000
Flow (Nm3h) 100 200 400
Flow (kg/day) 212 425 850
Purity 99.999% 99.999% 99.999%
Pressure (psig) 200 200 200
Pressure (bar-g) 13.8 13.8 13.8
Steam Export 150 lbs/hr 250 lbs/hr 600lbs/hr
Natural Gas (scfh) 1,800 3,550 7,100
Natural Gas (Nm3h) 47 94 187
Power (kW) 5 10 15
Feed Water (gpm) 0.6 1.2 2.4
Feed Water (lpm) 2.3 4.5 9.0
Remote Monitor Standard Standard Standard
Purity Analyzer Standard Standard Standard
Elec. Flowmeters Standard Standard Standard
Pre-Filtration Standard Standard Standard
Warranty Standard Standard Standard
Process Guarantee Standard Standard Standard
Field Service 3 Year Option 3 Year Option 3 Year Option


Service & Support


Gulf Gases Field Service personnel can provide 100% annual coverage for maintenance & support, or we can train your maintenance staff on how to perform the routine and customary service work to ensure good reliability and operations.  HydroGEN units operate unattended, but connect to the Internet for 24x7 remote monitoring and data collection.  Whatever your preference, we'll help ensure a long lifetime of reliable H2 generation. 


H2 Plant Highlights:

  • Highly efficient and well-proven Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology,

  • Over twenty excellent reference plants in operation,

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) purification of final product gas for H2 purities up to 99.9999%,

  • Pre-Fabricated, skid-built plants are modularized and shipped to plant sites for final installation, commissioning and start-up,

  • Purchase options include i) direct capital purchases, or ii) leasing, or iii) over-the-fence H2 supply contracts,

  • 24-hour x 365-day operations with no operations personnel required onsite,

  • 24-hour remote monitoring and data logging services via Internet,

  • Global Field Service teams to support plants and perform scheduled maintenance,

  • Maintenance turn-around schedule flexibility, anywhere from 1 to 3-years between shut-downs,

  • Tight integration with other unit operations and the onsite control room for local monitoring and control options,

  • Steam export, syngas export, syngas H2-CO ratio adjustments for supporting other chemical processes,

  • Turnkey projects, performance guarantees, good warranty programs, long term service agreements.




Explore Gulf Gases SYNFORMING Process for getting the most value from gas streams that contain Syngas, H2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2, H2O and more.




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