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Cryogenic Gas Storage

Cryogenic Gases Storage Tanks:

> N2, O2, Ar, H2, CO2 Cryo-Storage

> Liquefied Natural Gas

> Vaporization Units

> Liquid Pumps and Pressure Boosters


Gulf Gases can provide your business operations with premium, fully-refurbished cryogenic storage vessels for a fraction of the cost of new units.  All of our tanks come with a 10-year Warranty.  Our experts will specify the right-sized cryo-storage system that will be optimal for industrial gas company filling intervals while at the same time, minimizing the risk of vent losses due to stored product boil-off.  



  • Cryo-storage units from 45 to 18,000 gallons,

  • Vaporizers, pumps and pressure boosters,

  • Complete field installation services,

  • Annual field service & support options,

  • Ultra-low maintenance,

  • 10-year warranty,

  • Trade-ins and upgrade services,

  • High & low pressure tank options,

  • Cryogenic liquid piping systems available,

  • Ultra-high purity stainless options.


Project Financing Available.

Contact Gulf Gases for more information.


Typical Specifications:  Cryogenic Storage for N2, O2, Ar, H2, He, CO2, LNG


Cryogenic Gas Storage Tank Series




Rental and Lease-Purchase Options:


For customers who would prefer to Rent or Lease, we are happy to offer the two program options described below.



Option 1:  Monthly Rental Program

  • Pay installation & removal costs,

  • Pay a discounted monthly rental fee,

  • Option to remove tank without penalty at any time.

  • No restrictions on rental timeframes.


Option 2:  Lease to Own Program

  • Our "Zero" out-of-pocket cost option,

  • Five (5) year Lease to Own,

  • Pay 60 months of payments, then purchase system for $1,

  • Installation costs fully covered & included in Lease,

  • Can include site improvements in Lease (concrete pad, fence, etc)


Cryogenic Storage & Vaporizer


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