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Air Separation Plants

Large Air Separation Plants:

> Nitrogen, LIN Assist Plants (N2)

> Oxygen, Gas Phase

> Liquefiers, Cryogenic N2, O2 and Argon

> Tonnage Size Non-Cryogenic N2, O2


Gulf Gases provides expertise to design and deliver world-class, cost effective, custom-built air separation plants.  We will work closely with your project team to help accurately define the ideal scope for your Nitrogen, Oxygen or Argon project.  Expert designers will help narrow your options through a series of engineering and cost optimization steps.  We will help you arrive at the right-sized, right-priced solution that can meet your delivery and start-up schedule. 


Project Financing Available.

Lease Option Available.

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Typical Air Separation Plant for Producing Gas and Liquid Phase N2, O2 and Argon Products:


Air Separation Plant Flow Diagram


Plant Options:


Air Separation Plant Columns

  • N2 gas, 10kscfh to 1,000kscfh,

  • N2 Liquid, 50tpd to 1000tpd

  • O2 gas, 10kscfh to 1,000kscfh,

  • O2 Liquid, 50tpd to 2500tpd

  • Argon gas or liquid, per O2 plant design,



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